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So today I am going to tell you, if you are thinking about becoming a pilot, then How to become a pilot ,  what steps you will have to follow and how you can become a good pilot

So today we will talk if you want to become a commercial pilot, then how to become a  pilot after completing your 12th Board exam or after graduation? Also we will talk on :-
Training & Flying School
Entrance exam

We will talk about all these things Apart from this, there is another way through which you can become a pilot, we will discus about this thing through the NDA and CDS exam.

And I will tell you about salary, can you earn ₹ 2lakh monthly after becoming a pilot, if you want to know, more then read below

How to become A pilot after 12th and graduation

Now I will tell you how to become a pilot Whether you are twelth pass out or your graduation is complete The process of becoming a pilot remains the same. If you want to become a pilot, then you have to join a flying school.


Eligibility for joining flying school

Let me tell you the eligibility to join flying school The eligibility is that you have to pass your twelth class from science stream with Physics Chemistry Math as a main subject
With 55% aggregate marks in physics chemistry and math . Applicable for both 12th passout and graduation
So if you fill these eligibility criterias, then you can join flying school

How to join flying school

Now let me tell you how to join flying school. See if you want to join flying school then there are many flying schools in India.So it has a written test, you have to pass it, then there is an interview, after that you will have a medical checkup. If you pass all three, you can join flying school.

Course Duration :-

Now let’s talk about course durations, the course duration is 15 to 18 months, which depends on your flying school.

Flying Licence:-

Now I will tell you about three such licenses that you have to pass to become a pilot like

• SPL — student pilot licence
• PPL private pilot licence
• CPL — commercial pilot licence

You get a student pilot license when you pass the entrance exam interview and medical exam of flying school.

To get a private pilot license, you have to complete 60 hours of flight.

Commercial Pilot License When you get a Student Pilot License and Private Pilot License, you have to complete 210 hours of flying, after doing these three licenses, you become eligible for Pilot Job.

Fee structure

Now let’s talk about the fee structure in India, the fee is generically Rs 25 to 40 lakhs, it depends on your flying school.
Let me tell you about some of the top flying schools
1. Indira Gandhi rashtriya udan academy
National flying training institute
Madhya Pradesh flying club
And many more…


Keep in mind that if you are taking admission in India, then your flying school should be authorised with DGCA means Directorate General of Civil Aviation India.



Pilot salary in India

Now let’s talk about the salary structure, you must have read somewhere in the video or article that the direct CPL holder gets a package of one and a half lakhs to two lakhs, this is true

but in today’s time this does not happen with everyone.This can happen to you only if you are lucky

Otherwise, in today’s date, it has become mandatory for CPL holders to get a type rating certificate.

What is type rating certificate?

Now let me tell you what is a type rating certificate, it is a certificate that is given to you after completing the training of any special model’s aeroplane.

In today time, most of the CPL holders also do type rating certificate so that they get more opportunity.

So in today’s time, it has become compulsory, it costs 25 to 30 lakhs to take this certificate.

in today’s time, if you want to become a successful pilot, then spend at least 60 to 80 lakh Rupees

Do not consider it to be an expense, it is a big risk, see it as an investment, you will cover this fish in your three to four years salary

If you are a CPL holder with type rating certificate, then your initial salary is between 2 to 5 lakhs.Which increases further with a few years of experience.

What is type rating certificate
What is type rating certificate

How to Become Indian airforce pilot through NDA and CDS exam

Now let’s talk about those people who cannot spend 60 to 80 lakhs and their dream is to become a pilot.

In that case, you can join the Indian Air Force by giving nda or CDS exam and the Government of India will bear the cost of your training.

This is a better option. Starting salary in IAF is 50k after completing the training.
After passing 12th, you can give the exam of NDA

If you are a graduate and want to join IAF, then you can join by qualifying entrance exam of CDS.CDS means Combined Defense Service

If you have any questions or want to know about something, you can comment below.


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