Highest Paying Jobs and Careers in India


Today I am going to tell you about the highest paying jobs which is in demand right now, the best carrier job in which your placement can be maximized or you can earn maximum at the initial level, I will tell you about those jobs

If you are in 12th class or graduating after 12th or if you have done post graduation, you can still consider these careers.

Maybe you are in these careers, then I have to tell you some things that you have to keep in mind, the way in which you can earn a lot of money in these careers 

Top 5 highest paying jobs in india

  •  CA And Lawyers
  • Management And Marketing Platform
  • Doctor
  • Commercial pilot
  • Engineer

1. CA And Lawyers

Those who are Ca and Lawyer have double opportunities. They have lots of options because there is a shortage of Ca And lawyer in our country.

In today’s time, their requirement is very much, if you complete ca, then your initial level can start from five to six lakhs, in addition

if you become a lawyer, then their consultancy fees are also very good.

As your experience increases in these two fields, your skill increases and then earning lakhs of rupees is not a big deal for you

.If you become a CA or a lawyer, you can earn a lot of money by teaching children in coaching center

CA AND Lawyer
Ca and lawyer

2. Management And Marketing Platform

There is  lot of demand for a management consultant or marketing profession in all the companies,

whether you are an MBA or have done any other management course or have related information from marketing, then you are going to be in great demand here.

Specially, I am talking about digital marketing because our country is moving ahead digitally,

so if you come to digital marketing, then you will be in great demand to earn money in the market, then you will have a good income.

3. Doctors

If you go to this profession, then along with studies, you will have to keep passence

because the study done in it is very long, you have to take the experience after finishing your studies,

so suppose about 8 to 10 years. After struggling in the field, you can earn five to 7 lakh of the month comfortably, if you have worked hard

4.commercial pilot
If you become a commercial pilot, then your starting salary will be one to two lakhs comfortably

but in today’s date it can be a very good package but the fees of commercial pilot are very high.

It cost about 40 to 50 lakhs to become a commercial pilot, click here to know in detail.

  • 5. Engineer
    If you have done engineering in any field, there is a lot of demand, the engineer does not have a shortage in India

but there is a shortage of engineer with skill but if you have talent in you, then it can also take your job and you can earn a lot of money.


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